At the moment, Myuz offers 4 different facials. Below is a description of each one. I believe they are suited for all skin types so please choose one that you are in the mood for!


Custom Facial

A custom facial needs to address your skin care needs at the best level possible. And there are things in my studio, at my fingertips, that I choose to implement in my facials, every time, for every client. This is a basic facial that leaves you with a cleansed and exfoliated skin. I use steam to soften and loosen pores for proper extractions with ultrasonic. Followed with a relaxing lymphatic massage. I choose a masque that will be best suited for your skin type at that time. Lips are apart of the skin, so I leave you with a sugar scrub on the lips. We then finish the treatment with a day or night creme, custom serums & eye cream.

This facial is custom to your skin. At times the massage may need to be skipped in order to exfoliate or mask for YOUR skin.

I do a lot time for a skin consult/going over products after the facial.

Price: $180      Duration: 1hr 15 mins

Microcurrent Facial

A microcurrent facial is considered as a form of muscular re-education for the face, manipulating 32 different facial muscles. Electrical probes transmit currents into the skin, stimulating the muscles in the face. It strengthens the skin resulting in a face that is toned and lifted. Two pico probes are placed on the skin and used to physically move the muscles, toning, lifting, and sculpting the face. 

Electrical signals promote healthy circulation, heal and regenerate the skin, draining excess fluid accumulation. 

Great for improving skins complexion, puffiness, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, production of collagen and elastin, inflammation, acne, rosacea.

The experience is wonderfully relaxing and euphoric, causes no pain, swelling or downtime, and noticeable results begin immediately. Ten treatments, once/twice a week will take years off of your appearance (highly recommend booking a series, one session is free).

This facial will include: Fire & Ice facial and LED light therapy.

Price: $180      Duration: 1hr 30 mins

Fire & Ice Facial

Combines a powerful, exfoliating peel and rich, luxurious facial treatment into a single service. Designed & developed to treat aging, acne (Grades 1-3), hyperpigmentation (brown spots), rosacea, this system effectively polishes and rejuvenates skin to a smooth, healthy glow. Highly recommended for those with dry patches and need immediate hydration.

No steam or massage is included due to high stimulation of the intensive resurfacing mask.

Highly recommended for the week of the wedding. This facial will leave your skin glowing for days.

I do a lot time for a skin consult/going over products after the facial.

Price: $100      Duration: 1hr

Lymphatic Facial

This facial will be performed with ancient tools such as gua sha, Rose quartz spoons, jade comb and and jade roller. It’s a more gentle glide and a slight pull on the face—it’s all about directionality with this tool and following the meridians of the body. With this type of treatment, I am moving lymph, which carries away toxins, it tones the muscles and firms the skin, and, plus, it’s deeply relaxing.

No extractions are performed.

Skin Consult

Please bring your skincare products. I recommend this for those interested in purchasing products but and need advice with their products/routines. 

If you do not want to purchase products you can definitely book a consult with your current skincare to see how to adjust it - maybe you are over exfoliating and don’t know it, or have dry skin when you see/feel oily skin. I can give a general recommendation of what serums to use and create a routine for AM and PM.

Price: $35 (remediable for skincare products)      Duration: 20mins