This cream reverses skin’s fat deficiency, while fatty acids promote skin’s natural functions, radiance and vitality.
Excellent in the winter months. Not for use on skin with seborrheic tendencies.
For mature skin, dry and reactive skin, skin that reddens easily, wind and cold. Use during the daytime.

Reverses the skin's deficiency in fats
Repairs, restructures and visibly reconditions the skin
Provides hydrating elements
Procures a sensation of comfort immediately after application and throughout the day
A treatment brimming with active ingredients.
A complete cream that makes up for the deficiencies of lipid-deprived and dehydrated skin.
A texture brimming with moisturising, lipid-replenishing and protective principles.
Thanks to this source of fatty acids, the skin is strengthened in its natural functions and regains its radiance and vitality, day after day

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After using the recommended milk, lotion P50, mask and serums, apply a small dab of Crème Dermo-RL, morning and/or evening, all over the face, neck and décolleté.
Massage delicately with fingertips, working with upward and outward strokes until the product is fully absorbed.


Lipidic actives ingredients: Blackcurrant Butter, Grape Seed Oil, 3 and 6 Complex

Hygroscopic actives ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Sugar Derivatives

Protective actives ingredients: Walnut Extract, Cranberry Oil, Omega

Repairing actives ingredients: Glycoproteins derived from Microorganisms of Antarctica, Barbary Fig Extract and Jojoba Oil