Photographer, Kassandra Donaldson

Photographer, Kassandra Donaldson

How do you prep your skin for the big day?

It's super simple. HYDRATE. Your makeup will look absolutely flawless if your skin is in check. I highly recommend seeing an esthetician for facials leading up to the big day. Ideally, four facials should to the trick.

Remove all dead skin by exfoliating your skin, including your lips (lip balm mixed with sugar).

Water! Drink lots of water. Drinking at least 1.5 - 2L of water a day, especially the night before. Avoid drinking wine or any alcoholic beverages along with foods that can irritate the skin.

If you need any facial waxing please do so at least one week before your wedding day. The skin needs to heal and makeup doesn't stick to freshly waxed skin.